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CNET’s #1 Download for 2007 is OpenOffice

CNet has posted a video of their picks for the Top 5 Downloads of 2007.

I’ll destroy the drama of their countdown to say the number one spot is occupied by OpenOffice. Following that, the list contains several other of my favorite open source applications (in order):

  1. OpenOffice (office suite)
  2. Audacity (audio editor)
  3. Miro (internet video player)
  4. Pidgin (instant messenger)

It’s notoriously hard to estimate the current number of global OpenOffice users, but it is likely in the range of 100 million, with marketshare/usage share possibly as high as 20%.

After a very strong year in 2007, and recognition like CNET’s, I expect 2008 to be another record-breaking year for the suite.

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