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VentureCake on OpenOffice 3 3.0 is coming this fall, and many people are already starting to get excited about it. VentureCake is excited about its PDF import, native Mac OS X Aqua interface, and more:

“We love, hereby referred to as OpenOffice like normal people do. We like the fact it does pretty much everything we need for free, we like the out-of-the box PDF and Flash support, its better-than-Word ability to work with large documents, and the joys of using a standard file format that’s actually, you know, a standard.”

The article lists a boatload of planned new features that will be really cool, including the PIM (Thunderbird + Sunbird), support for saving files in wiki syntax (MediaWiki is already supported), hybrid PDFs, and others.

Hybrid PDFs in particular seem interesting. VentureCake states “The whole Openoffice suite can save ‘hybrid’ PDF documents that can be viewed as PDFs or edited as OpenDocument files.” This should bring even greater compatibility to the suite and make it much easier to work with companies still using legacy applications like Microsoft Office…

Finally, the extensions user experience will be upgraded to make it feel much more like Firefox’s, which I think will make it far more popular among OOo users.

This is going to be a major upgrade, possibly as significant as the move from 1.x to 2.0, and it should bring legions of new users along with it.

3 Responses to “VentureCake on OpenOffice 3”

  1. Andrew Z Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 9:52 am

    I haven’t been able to access VentureCake for several days. From the cache, he is basing his article what may be outdated information from OOoCon2007. “New Features In 3.0, An Early Look” should have more up to date information—plus download links.

  2. SolidOffice » Blog Archive » 3.0 Alpha Screenshots Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 10:34 am

    […] to a recent comment on an earlier post here, and a mention on Erwin Tenhumberg’s blog, I’ve found OOo […]

  3. Benjamin Horst Says:
    March 20th, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Andrew, thank you for the link. You (and Erwin) inspired me to write a follow up post.

    Are you the creator of OOo Ninja? It’s a great site!