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The Ubuntu Wanted Project

Ubuntu’s implementing another clever idea in the form of its Ubuntu Wanted Project.

The idea is to build a web collaboration space for users to submit ideas for improvements and new features that developers could then implement for Ubuntu:

“What do we need to get innovative stuff implemented?

  1. A great idea
  2. The manpower
  3. The infrastructure and toolset

(1) is now more or less successfully covered by Ubuntu Brainstorm. Concerning (3), some good infrastructures exists around here, such as Launchpad, and development toolsets are good but not yet optimal IMO (I’ll keep that for later). (2) is much more tricky.”

There’s been a discussion at of the need for something similar, as lots of people have good ideas for extensions, and lots of developers capable of making extensions are looking for popular user demands to satisfy. Maybe it’s time to build an “ Brainstorm” site!

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