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While it’s tough to find OpenOffice books in your typical physical bookstore, I’ve just discovered the wealth of options available online from self-publisher Lulu.

I’ve long known that the great OOoAuthors handbooks have been sold on Lulu, but only today did I search more broadly and discover a great cache of books self-published by OOo-savvy authors from all over the world.

Among those on my wishlist are:

Dmitri Popov’s Basic Crash Course

OOoAuthors’ 2.x Draw Guide (the 3.x version should arrive soon)

Roberto Benitez’s Database Programming with Base & Basic

And many more.

2 Responses to “ Books on Lulu”

  1. Jean Hollis Weber Says:
    October 19th, 2008 at 6:16 am

    A direct link to a page of OOoAuthors books is

    Using your search link turned up the interesting (and news to me) fact that someone has republished the books at outrageously high prices ($100 for a download that’s free from us, and $50 for a printed copy that we are selling for around $20). I can’t imagine why that pricing. I mean, under the Creative Commons license republishing is allowed, but why would someone charge so much? If they were doing a colour version, the printed copy would be much more expensive than ours to produce, but the download?

    And I notice whoever it is, is using “OOoAuthors” as their store name, thus appearing to say it’s the “real” store. I note there is no contact information given on that other store.

  2. Jean Hollis Weber Says:
    October 19th, 2008 at 6:25 am

    Follow-up to my previous comment: I just looked again at the other set of OOoAuthors books and realise that they are full US-letter-size pages, not the smaller format that I use for publishing the books. So they would cost a bit more to produce in a printed version.