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Miguel Guhlin on Moodle Habitudes

Director of Instructional Technology for a large Texas school district, Miguel Guhlin shares his experience creating online learning environments with Moodle in his post Moodle Habitudes – Constructing Online Learning Environments:

Online learning is critical to our future, both for adults and children in K-12. I’d like to see a series of courses that go beyond how to design online learning–although that is certainly essential–to how to best manage resources to facilitate and enable online learning. As an administrator growing his own program, what planning do I need to put in place to ensure success for learners in K-12 environment?

Guhlin has the rare combination of technical and strategic planning skills to step back from the immediate technology and develop best practices that he can share with other school districts. This article contains much valuable advice for anyone interested in building online learning environments.

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