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Dvorak Prefers Ubuntu

John C. Dvorak, a PC Mag columnist long seen as a major Microsoft apologist supporter, has become enamored of Ubuntu for himself and his readers, and expresses it in a recent column, Dvorak Likes Linux:

The critical mass has been reached, and it’s time everyone tried Ubuntu.

A strong statement, and a major shift for the irascible writer. He expands it with:

I seriously like the Ubuntu 8.10 implementation and will now install it permanently on my latest machines. It’s a winner…

In many instances the complexity of Linux turns out to be smoothed over by the Ubuntu architecture. It’s so good that I’m a little annoyed with myself for not getting to it sooner.

It’s a pretty amazing change for this IT veteran, made even more so when he caps off the piece with this:

If I had a small or mid-size company, I’d probably use only Linux and open-source software, just to stay out of the way of the software police and their onerous “audits”—another abhorrent situation that, to me, is intolerable.

Congratulations, John, for coming around! Welcome to the new world.

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