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PC Mag’s OpenOffice Tips

It’s great to see the increase in ordinary articles about in mainstream computer (and other) magazines. Not just “here’s an open source alternative app” but instead, “how to do X in OpenOffice”…

Today’s entry in this category comes from PC Mag, in 7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do.

They are not complex things, and you probably already knew they were possible, but for the target audience of this article, the tips it contains could be quite helpful.

The first tip is for editing multiple parts of a document in different windows at one time: doesn’t let you split a window into two panes, but it offers an even better feature. Click the Window menu, then New Window, to open a new window that displays the same document you’re working on. You can open as many windows as you want, each at a different place in your document; any change you make in one window immediately appears in all others.

(I don’t think I knew this one…)

Other tips include opening legacy document formats–in which OOo is a true champion–modifying the default saved file format, playing an easter egg game, and automating various actions with macros.

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