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WorldLabel on OpenOffice

WorldLabel publishes Opens Up for Business, a blog post about the increased enthusiasm for open source, and OpenOffice in particular, in this time of economic difficulty.

The article is intended as an introduction for new users who may not know OOo yet, so it starts off easy, and includes the following handy anecdote:

Having switched the office I worked at, I know first hand that regular people quickly learn Originally chosen for its price, it was the standard office suite on all computers. Looking back, it would have been ideal to provide training, but the staff, clients, and newcomers learned it with fewer questions than I expected. Many people didn’t seem to notice it was not the Microsoft Office they used before.

Next is a useful summary of the steps involved in migrating a company to OpenOffice, from evaluation, to getting management support, running a pilot project and providing training and learning resources.

With some good advice on customization and suggestions for Extensions, it’s a great introduction to the software.

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