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Lifehacker on OpenOffice 3.1

Lifehacker has been a fan of OpenOffice for some time now, and recently published an overview of 3.1’s Usability Tweaks.

Anti-aliased rendering for Draw and charts, “eye-friendly” highlighting, spreadsheet zoom slider, formula hints, and comment replies got special attention from the Lifehacker team.

Those are just a few of the 3.1 changes we thought the average user might appreciate, but there are more technical and core-based upgrades—like spreadsheet performance, sorting defaults, and built-in document locking—detailed at‘s release notes.

It’s always good to see and other open source software get attention from more mainstream media outlets. (I know, Lifehacker is not mainstream, but it’s a lot closer than free software-specific outlets!)

One Response to “Lifehacker on OpenOffice 3.1”

  1. JZA Says:
    May 17th, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    Great to hear that OOo is getting spread to more markets and getting props.