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“Migrating to 90% Cheaper…”

Computerworld Singapore publishes a piece entitled Migrating to 90 per cent cheaper than to Microsoft Office 12.

If you dig deeper, you’ll find that these are ‘back-of-the-envelope’ calculations, but with MS Office 12 barely in beta, not much more would be possible yet. It is certainly no less outlandish than the estimates promulgated by the other side, in any case.

From the article:
“Thanks to excellent new features and through Microsoft’s poor decisions, has suddenly become the de-facto next-generation office suite to move to,” said Cybersource chief executive officer, Con Zymaris. “This is because is now more familiar to existing Microsoft Office users than Microsoft Office 12 is…”

“In a recent presentation to the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, the state’s secretary of administration and finance Eric Kriss said that his organisation would ‘save significantly by migrating to OpenDocument-based products rather than going with Office 12 – on the order of US$5 million for OpenDocument versus US$50 million for Office 12, including hardware and operating-system upgrade costs.”

“We believe a 90 per cent reduction in costs, as suggested by the independent Commonwealth of Massachusetts analysis noted above, is an excellent reason for all businesses looking at updating their office suite software, to choose 2.0,” concluded Zymaris.”

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