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MIT’s $100 Laptop Prototype Debuts

At a UN conference in Tunis, MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte debuted a working prototype of the $100 laptop.

A lot of innovative ideas are packed into these small machines, from a complete open source software stack, to a wind-up crank to generate electrical power, the use of wireless mesh networking for communicating with other units, and flash memory instead of delicate hard disks, plus much more!

From the BBC article:
“Every single problem you can think of, poverty, peace, the environment, is solved with education or including education,” said Professor Negroponte.

“So when we make this available, it is an education project, not a laptop project. The digital divide is a learning divide – digital is the means through which children learn leaning. This is, we believe, the way to do it.”

(Solveig’s also got a photo and some interesting commentary on her blog, check it out!)

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