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Writely Adds ODF Support

Like all good office software programs, Writely now supports ODF, the OpenDocument Format. Last week’s press release delivers the full story.

What is Writely? Aha, the press release answers that as well:
“Since its beta launch in August 2005, Writely has enjoyed enthusiastic adoption from users all over the world including businesses, bloggers, editors, students, teachers, poets and playwrights. Just as Web-based email services solve the fundamental problem of only having access to your email from one computer, Writely enables users to access and edit their documents from any computer on the Internet. Writely then goes several steps further by enabling easy blog posting, Internet publishing and editing by multiple authors.

While’s Marc Benioff and others have hailed Writely as a serious challenge to Microsoft and its dominance of the office productivity market, Writely is not a carbon-copy of existing desktop solutions. Rather, Writely is an innovative, Web-centric word processor that leverages the connected nature of the Internet to provide online storage, editing, sharing and communication of documents – documents that users can now upload and save in multiple formats.”

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