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Linux Desktop Marketshare at 30% in China

Common knowledge is that China will be a huge player in the global economy, and IT is no exception. The big IT players are scrambling for influence, to get in on the ground floor of what is thought to be the coming boom. Its population of 1.2 billion is four times larger than the USA’s 300 million, and the market for goods and services will (someday) be equivalently immense.

When Zhongyuan Zheng, VP of Red Flag Linux (China’s largest Linux company) announces “about 30 percent of desktops in China now use Linux. Microsoft has about 60 percent,” you should take note! That’s the highest Linux marketshare in any country of which I am aware, and it happens to be the biggest country in the world.

In addition to this choice quote, reports on Red Flag’s role in China and the government’s promotion of Linux.

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