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Nokia 770: The Open Tablet Platform

Coolness. Russell Beattie, on, writes, Nokia 770: Okay, Silicon Valley Time To Get To Work.

The new Nokia 770 web tablet is a fascinating platform, and his argument is that because the platform is totally open (based on Debian, in fact), that developers are going to build a community around it and make awesome software applications for this tool. I am really looking forward to what they build!

Beattie writes, “I can envision a million scenarios around this device. Streaming media is big (the streaming MP3 player that sits on the “desktop” is soooo cool) – all the podcasting and streaming music companies should be pushing this as an alternative to iPod downloads (Hey! No more bitching about Apple or DRM either!). Making a copy of Nintendo’s Picto-chat would another route, but integrated into the major IM networks – great for kids who would otherwise be tying up the family PC. In fact, there’s lots to learn from the Nintendo DS: A Nintendogs clone on the 770 would be awesome – touch screen, microphone and all. Lots of casual games would be perfect for this device: If a PSP can do RSS and Web browsing, why can’t the 770 be seen as a gaming platform? Hell, with the Bluetooth and USB connections, you could even provide add-on controllers for it too.”

Also, check out the thorough Ars Technica review of the 770!

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