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KOffice 1.5 Released

KOffice 1.5 is now final.

KOffice is a competitor to OpenOffice, yes, but it is also a strategic ally: it has transitioned to using ODF as its default file format.

The press release states, “The spread of the OpenDocument file format is widely regarded as one of the most important developments in the whole IT industry right now. It will give users world-wide the possibility to control their own documents and also ensure that all documents can be read at any time in the future.

KOffice was the first office suite that announced support for OpenDocument and now the second to announce it as the default file format after This makes KOffice a member of a very select group and will lead to new deployment opportunities. Great care has been taken to ensure interoperability with other office software that also use OpenDocument.”

Congratulations and thanks to the developers on this major release!

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