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Belgium to Require ODF

ZDNet reports the government of Belgium will only use ODF and other open formats for document exchange:

“The OpenDocument Format (ODF) is to be the standard format for exchanging documents within the Belgian government. This proposal, which is expected to be approved by Belgium’s Council of Ministers on Friday, increases the pressure from governments worldwide on Microsoft to embrace open standards.

From September 2008 onwards, all document exchanges within the services of the Belgian Government will have to be in an open, standard format, according to the proposal now before the Belgian Ministers. Only ODF is accepted as such a standard in the proposal. Earlier drafts of the Belgian proposal had treated ODF and Microsoft’s own Open XML format (which is to be included in Office 2007) on equal footing.”

One Response to “Belgium to Require ODF”

  1. New Guy ;) Says:
    June 27th, 2006 at 10:12 pm

    Just wanted to say hi. This is a cool website, and I’ll be coming back.

    I like how you have ODF and Website link. That’s a cool idea, the first I seen. I thought about that too!!! I’m publishing everything in a dual ODF & Html formats, that way people will be able to read both in the future!