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OpenOffice Mac Porters’ Meeting

Google is hosting the second meeting for developers porting OpenOffice to Mac OS X at their Hamburg offices on December 2 and 3 (tomorrow and Sunday).
Eric B writes:

“The main developers of the Mac OS X port for project meet to work together over a weekend

– show, analyze, work on current development version,
– share our knowledge in workshops (e.g. for debug )
– define tasks and objectives
– meet, collaborate and have fun coding.

If you are interested in attending and developing for the Mac please contact :

The minutes of this meeting will be public, and available shortly after the event.”

From several of the mailing lists, it seems to me that OpenOffice is already very popular on Mac OS X. As it improves, through efforts like this, the userbase will grow even more quickly.

I expect OOo to displace Microsoft Office on Mac OS X before it does on Windows, but its future majority marketshare on Mac will certainly help fuel its growth on Windows as well. (Remember that the mavens are already mostly Mac and Linux users. They’ll be promoting OpenOffice to their friends on Windows directly and through increasing global usage of ODF files.)

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