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Korean Ministry Adopting ODF

The Open Malaysia blog announces: Korea Ministry of Information and Communication adopting ODF.

That’s another one for the big list! And an important move for Korea, which has long been seen as a very enthusiastic user of everything Microsoft.

“The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) announced on the 7th that it is intending to adopt OpenDocument Format (ODF) as its software document standard for administrative work.

In that case, software that does not support ODF will be completely excluded from the public agencies.

Currently, software from Microsoft and Haansoft that dominate the Korean market does not support ODF. However, Haansoft said that they have planned to make its product support ODF.”

This illustrates how any software program can support ODF and be allowed to compete for government contracts that require it. Microsoft’s argument against supporting ODF in its products is, once again, shown to be a red herring.

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