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Pictures of OLPC XOs in Use in Nigeria

CNet hosts a photo gallery of 10 and 11-year old students in Nigeria using the OLPC’s XO machines.

Their school, 10 miles from Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja, is the first test deployment in the region. Before OLPC, the teacher had never used  a computer before, much less any students!

OLPC staff were onsite to kick off the learning process.

One Response to “Pictures of OLPC XOs in Use in Nigeria”

  1. eas Says:
    April 13th, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    Those photos were interesting, but I really want some meat. How are the kids taking to their new tools? I’d love to see some day by day documentary video. Too much of the coverage about this has been about the personalities involved and the tech. Now that the rubber is actually meeting the road, it’s time to start covering the mission, and how its actually starting to play out now that deployment is underway.