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eWeek Reviews 2.2

Tiffany Maleshefski writes OpenOffice Sports All-Around Improvements for eWeek.

“Going head to head with Microsoft 2007, the latest version of the free-for-all touts across-the-board improvements in the software’s word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation applications. However, the brightest aspects of 2.2, which began shipping at the end of March, are its price tag—free—and its impressively broad platform support.”

“During eWEEK Labs’ tests, we noted the improvements in’s popular PDF export function, as well as the progress the suite’s Calc spreadsheet application has undergone toward better matching the functionality of Microsoft Excel’s prized pivot table feature.

“IT managers looking for alternatives to Microsoft Office—particularly those unwilling to make the leap to Office 2007—will find 2.2 well worth evaluating.”

eWeek doesn’t mention the importance of the ODF file format, which I think is one of OOo’s greatest strengths. But from simply using OOo, as most people would perceive it, they do a good job of covering the basic experience. It’s great to see mainstream tech news sites recognize that OpenOffice is quite competitive with its vastly more expensive counterpart.

Now we just need a brave OEM (Dell, I’m talking about you!) to start pre-installing OpenOffice, and the tipping point will be here.

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