Home of The Tiny Guide to 3.0’s PIM Plan Gets Noticed

While it hasn’t been kept secret, to my knowledge the first public mention of Thunderbird inclusion with 3.0 was made at this year’s OOoCon. CyberNet News is impressed with OOo’s plans to include Thunderbird and Lightning as its default PIM next year:

“One thing that really caught my attention was their reference to including a Personal Information Manager (PIM). More specifically the presentation mentions bundling Thunderbird with their Office Suite, and refers to it as an “Outlook replacement.”

For savvy users, it’s no effort at all to install OOo and Thunderbird/Evolution/KMail/etc on a computer. But for whatever reason, many users still ask for a PIM to be “included” with OpenOffice. If it helps, why not go for it! (Plus, Sun has standardized its 36,000 users on OOo and Thunderbird already, so might as well roll that out to the world!)

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