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gOS is an Ubuntu variant designed for simple end user tasks. In lieu of many (though not all) desktop applications, it points users towards Google’s set of online tools for email, maps, calendar, news and other functions, as well as other web properties like Facebook and Wikipedia.

gOS got its start recently with Everex’s $200 gPC, which quickly sold out (but seems to be back in stock again) at Wal-Mart and is also available at ZaReason. takes a look at gOS to see how it might fit into the marketplace, and is impressed with the product:

“It’s a cute little system with lots of functionality and great looks. It works well and is fast and stable on my laptop. It should work on any computer that any other Linux supports. Enlightenment is an impressive desktop environment, and the iBar is a low-overhead way to blend cool effects with needed functionality. I think users will like it.”

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