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Drupalcon Boston’s “State of the Union”

Today is day two of Drupalcon Boston, at the new Boston Convention and Expo Center in South Boston. Sessions are just getting started today, but yesterday had a really great keynote by Dries Buytaert about the Drupal “State of the Union.”

Drupal 7 will be developed over the course of 2008, and will focus on making Drupal fit into the semantic web in a very natural way. In fact, Drupal’s embrace of semantic web principles could really help to accelerate the emergence of the semantic web itself, especially as “taking Drupal mainstream” is another goal of the Drupal 7 release.

According to Dries’ interpretation of Tim Berners-Lee, the WWW is evolving into the “GGG,” the Giant Global Graph. The GGG is like the social graph Google, Facebook and others are working on, but instead of connecting people to each other, it connects people and everything else (data and so much more), using semantic web concepts and tools like RDF, FOAF and others.

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