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Colin Charles notes the government of Malaysia has progressed in its path to OpenOffice and ODF adoption in his post “ and ODF adoption in Malaysia – thumbs up!

“MAMPU, the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit, decided that they were going to go and go ODF, and dump Microsoft Office by year-end 2008.”

The story gets even better, as many of Malaysia’s federal and state government agencies have already migrated to OpenOffice over the past few years, and more are planning to do so this year.

Colin Charles writes, “Now, you can hold them to their word, as they update a Wiki page, informing you about how many agencies are moving to Big wins, once all of the Malaysian government related agencies are on (open source software in general). Again, read and ODF Adoption!”

Note the links in the above paragraph all point to the same location, but it’s well worth a visit to see the list of agencies that have rolled out OOo to hundreds or even thousands of their employees across the country.

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