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Ubuntu 8.04 Released Today

Ubuntu 8.04, Long-Term Support, was released today.

The press release accompanying it announces: “Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) provides a stable platform for software and hardware vendors, developers and users. With three years of support and maintenance on the desktop, 8.04 LTS is a great choice for large-scale deployment… This is the eighth desktop release of Ubuntu. Ubuntu’s track record in delivering – on a precise schedule every six months – a commercial operating system that is free, stable, secure and fully supported, remains unique.”

The BBC also reports on the Ubuntu “Hardy Heron” release, and interviews founder Mark Shuttleworth about the Linux dividend: “Mr Shuttleworth said ordinary consumers were beginning to turn to Ubuntu, and to Linux more generally, to improve their daily computing experience.”

With the improved features and ease-of-use in Ubuntu 8.04, this trend should continue to accelerate.

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