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Firefox Achieves 20% Share, Free Video Codec Support Coming

Two great news bites from Firefox in the past few days:

As recently predicted, Firefox’s browser use share has surpassed 20%, while IE has dropped below 70% and continues its gradual demise.

TG Daily writes, “According to the most recent data made available by the market research firm [NetApplications] today, Internet Explorer stands at 69.88% today, while Firefox 2 and 3 account for a combined market share of 20.68% (Firefox 2: 13.75%, Firefox 3: 6.92%.)”

The second is that Firefox will soon support the HTML 5 media elements, which means native support for Theora video and Vorbis audio in the browser, with no plugins. These are open formats like HTML itself, free from the control and maneuverings of any single company. When these catch on, we’ll hopefully see them replace Flash video (too CPU intensive) and broaden free access to open media on the web.

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