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Lifehacker on OpenOffice 3.0

A few weeks ago Lifehacker posted a screenshot tour of 3.0 RC1: “Let’s take a look at the notable features so you can decide if it’s worth taking another look at as an alternative to Microsoft Office.”

It’s especially important for the OpenOffice project to receive attention from publications like Lifehacker, that are not specifically targeted at open source geeks. The major problem for OOo to overcome now is to cross the chasm from early adopters to early mainstream users, and this is always a challenge for software programs of all kinds, open source or proprietary.

Lifehacker fits the category of a smart audience that wants new tools to simplify their lives, but who are not necessarily aware of the latest open source releases. A perfect media outlet to spread word of OOo to new users.

Lifehacker mentions the major new features, Mac support, greater focus on extensions, etc, and seems positive on the program. And, with over 62,000 views of the article, it’s definitely getting the word out!

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