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Huge Demand for 3.0 3.0 was released on Monday, October 13, and download demand has been enormous since then. In fact, it’s been so strong the website is down and a temporary download-only site has been put in its place until the spike recedes.

Frank Mau announces over 350,000 downloads were initiated in the first 24 hours since OOo 3.0’s release:

“It could be more but the huge traffic onĀ bear down the web-infrastructure on the site host. Hope the next days will bring up the service back on a stable base.”

Eike Rathke points out the release of OpenOffice 3.0 is also the project’s 8th birthday. He also provides a list of known mirrors to download 3.0 from if you cannot reach the main site.

Kazunaro Hirano writes: 3.0.0 Released! Website down but Mirrors are OK! He too provides links to mirror sites for alternate download access.

There are lots of reasons for this huge interest in 3.0, and I like to think pent-up demand from Mac users is one of them.

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