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Open Source Browsers Keep Growing

Two recent reports on web browser usage share show that Firefox and its open source friends keep increasing at the expense of Internet Explorer.

In IE Continues Losing Market Share to Open Source Browsers, Ars Technica looks at Net Applications’ Market Share statistics worldwide, which show Firefox reaching 21%, Safari at almost 8%, Chrome at 1% and IE at just over 68%, its lowest point in many years.

Ars also noted a decline in the use of the Windows OS, writing: “web surfers’ usage of Windows decreased to about 89% in November.”

For an even rosier picture of open source success, turn to Europe, where XiTi Monitor published its browser barometer for November (2008).

From XiTi Monitor’s European data set, IE has sunk to 59.5%, Firefox climbed to 31.1%, Opera reached 5.1%, with Safari at 2.5% and Chrome at 1.1% share.

The relentless rise of Firefox and other open source browsers continues around the world.

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