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A Foundation for OpenOffice?

Computerworld publishes Oracle-Sun deal renews calls for’s independence, in which they discuss the hope of many community members that Oracle spin off into an independent foundation, along the lines of Mozilla, Apache, or Linux.

Updegrove said he thinks that Oracle would be wise to consider putting into motion the long-stymied spin-off of

“It would provide even greater credibility and greater incentives for additional developers to join the project, from both the independent community as well as from major vendors like IBM and Google,” Updegrove said.

John McCreesh blogged about the possibility of a Foundation recently, as well, stating, “Philosophically, I am bound to agree that this feels the ‘right’ model for an open-source community.”

Computerworld also discusses the funding structure of the Mozilla, Apache and Linux foundations, and theorizes on strategies an OOo Foundation might take to fund itself sustainably, which would be a key part of this entire process.

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