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TestFreaks’ 50 OpenOffice Tips

The TestFreaks Blog publishes Mastering OpenOffice: 50 Useful Tips to Get You Started:

OpenOffice is the unsung software for personal usage. It offers two very convincing reasons to download: 1.) It’s free. And 2.) It comes with 24/7 online help.

Yes, both true, but there is more.

The article continues, with a collection of progressively more advanced tips for new users of OOo. It covers wizards for installing new dictionaries and fonts, and the Math component is discussed, as well as Calc, although very briefly. Of course it covers Writer, Impress and Draw as well, and one final tip on Base.

One Response to “TestFreaks’ 50 OpenOffice Tips”

  1. Jean Hollis Weber Says:
    May 12th, 2009 at 12:53 am

    The article cited doesn’t say which version of they are talking about, but it must be old one, because the “wizards for installing new dictionaries and fonts” are long gone, replaced by (I think) extensions.