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Kiberpipa’s OOo Con Videos

Kiberpipa provided video recording services for this year’s OOo Con sessions and contributed other media coverage as well.

“The Kiberpipa team is happy to announce that we recorded all the lectures, and made interviews with contributors and the organizers of the conference.”

From Slovenia, Kiberpipa is a not-for-profit organization working with open source software and CC-licensed content that has been filming OOo Cons for the past three years.

In their own words, “Kiberpipa is an NGO multimedia cyber center supporting and promoting opensource and free flow of information and knowledge. Adhering to this idea, we work and strive to work with opensource tools only. For OOoCon 2007, we use Ubuntu Linux distribution on our machines, for video editing we use a free opensource video-editing software called Cinelerra (and we also work on packages for Ubuntu). As you can see, we also support, use and promote Creative Commons licensing.”

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