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Alexandro Colorado on OOo Con

I finally met up in person with Alexandro Colorado, Spanish project lead in the Native Language Confederation, at OOo Con this year. We hit it off quite well and had some very interesting discussions. In one of his Conference follow-up posts, Alexandro mentioned my OOo Con talk on his blog.

“Ben’s talk “Case Study: Guerrilla Advertising in the New York Metro Newspaper” was simply amazing. Like I said, very little amount of resources were able to pull this through. I actually feel proud I donated to his cause and will definitely donate again. He mentioned also interesting experience of on-line marketing and how most of the people that talk don’t really have an impact and the donors are usually the silent guys of the crowd.”

I’ve put the slides of my talk (zipped ODP file) online for everyone to download and share and remix however you like. If you want a formal license for them, they’re “public domain.” Enjoy, and thanks for helping promote!

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