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LibreOffice Paper Plane

Based on recent LibreOffice discussions regarding a new logo and associated marketing/promotional opportunities, I’ve created the following paper airplane template. This is a draft, so please download it and let me know how well it works for you.


  1. Fold the page toward yourself along its long axis, shown as line 1. Flatten the paper again, to leave a crease.
  2. Fold the top corners to the center line crease you just created. (Lines 2a and 2b.)
  3. Fold the now-triangular top section of the page toward yourself along line 3.
  4. Fold its triangular nose back toward the far side of the paper along line 4. (Line 4 is on the paper behind the piece you will fold–use its edges to determine where you’ll fold the triangular nose.)
  5. Again fold the far side into triangles along lines 5a and 5b. Undo these two folds to leave a crease for each.
  6. Fold toward yourself along lines 6a and 6b.
  7. Fold again along lines 5a and 5b. Tuck the flaps created by lines 6a and 6b under the triangular nose formed by line 4.
  8. Fold away from yourself along lines 7a and 7b.
  9. Fold toward yourself along lines 8a and 8b to form triangular stabilizers.
  10. To launch your new plane, hold it from the back and push gently forward while pointed very slightly down.

Download this ODG file: LibreOffice_PaperPlane


  1. Add a second page with final instructions and pictures to clarify the folding process.
  2. Update the logo and text to satisfy marketing requirements based on community feedback.
  3. Upload to the LibreOffice wiki to share widely.

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